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Sep 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
your back. sheila baer's job was to deal with banks. neil's job was to be a watchdog over t.a.r.p. he wrote a book called "bailout." investigating wa investigating. to say things are just as bad now as they were then is just wrong. >> if you're an executive looking at losing your job and your bonuses, certainly when they were how they were in 2010 as they were in 2008. if you're someone who is now enjoying their 99th week of unemployment, you may differ with the fact that you're necessarily better off. certainly overall, we have a much more stable economy and things are hopefully on the upswing, but there is a lot of people who are unnecessarily left behind. >> sheila, your new book is called "bull by the horns. fighting to save main street from wall street and wall street from itself." the title of your two books have a similar theme to them. both of you think chicago and washington haven't done enough in four years ago. what do we have to do to ensure there's not this fight between main street and wall street. >> i think wall street has to be different than -- if you view what's ver
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Sep 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
postal service continues. dagen: and former chief of the fdic sheila baer to tell you what's wrong with your banks how to fix it. connell: new book out, some controversy there, we will talk to her about it. at the top of the hour let's talk to nicole petallides right now and every 15 minutes with stocks now. looking at a big merger today. nicole: that's right. focus on the merger in the mattresses business. everybody knows sealy and everybody knows tempurpedic. these are getting together. you have tempurpedic agreeing to acquire the rival sealy at a 2.8% premium and combines the two companies, they are just more highly leveraged in order to be able to combine their strong assets. they will though still operate separately in many ways, so we'll continue to follow but temper-pedic. look at that. back to you. connell: nicole thank you. dagen: take a look at this. the u.s. economy growing at a very weak 1.3% in the second quarter, revised down from 1.7%. that is, well, lousy. connell: deputy editor at the "wall street journal"'s editorial page is here to tell us it's always the economy
Sep 28, 2012 9:00am EDT
% of the market. sheila baer obviously arguing was that right or wrong? bank of america huge part of the market. jp morgan huge part of the market. they can split this country. remember britain four banks maybe spain two banks. consolidate. take the bad loans. many people feel this is too far to the left. i like his view on too much austerity. there is hope that spain only needs a couple banks to make it. >> housing has yet to bottom in spain which is an important one. one of the proposals roy has is actually eliminating a tax break for buying a new home which does seem to go against what you might anticipate given they're still trying to, they had a housing bubble like we did but are not on the other side of it yet. >> timothy geithner, i don't know if anybody remembers, the vociferous nature with which he said if you questioned his stress test, listen, this is 1932 numbers. you don't know anything about what we're doing. yeah. turned out he was completely right. >> we got the expletive. >> this is a family oriented show because the kids are all home watching us instead of going to show. >> al
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
, this is why people choose an engagement ring. >> frederic, thank you very much. >>> we have sheila baer and jim o'neill in the next hour, you don't want to miss it. >>> the markets on the move. we have the smart analysis keeping you ahead of your investments. >>> it's a crucial week for europe. jim o'neill breaks down the steps for the next erou zone austerity measures. >>> sheila bair's plan to protect the world financial system. the second hour of "squawk" starts right now. ♪ good morning and welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen. becky is out this morning, joe, but it has nothing to do with -- >> really? when people say did you bring us anything back from your vacation. >> i have a cold. >> they don't expect you to bring tapeworm. or malaria or elephant -- why is she not here today? you were sick immediately when you got back from rwanda. >> food poisoning, unrelated. unrelated. >> i'm enjoying the banter and the back and forth. >> you're leaning back like this with andrew talking. >> that's true. >> look at futures as we speak. >> look
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)